Concrete: Lightweight Pumice Aggregate and Sand
Lightweight Concrete Aggregate: Lightweight pumice aggregate for craft-type precast concrete projects—including statuary, containers, pavers—where a smaller aggregate size (3/8 to 1/8-inch stones with some fines/sand) is desirable. Lightweight Pumice Sand+: Pumice sand + (includes) tiny 1/8-inch stones. Use in lighweight mortars and as an additive to the craft aggregate when more sand content is desired. Also used for lightweight insulative plasters. Concrete Canoe: National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) Teams. We field scores of inquiries each NCCC season about sourcing our lightweight pumice aggregate and natural pozzolans. Here’s what you need.
Concrete: Performance-Enhancing Pumice Pozzolan
Densifier325™ Standard Pozz: A highly-effective natural pozzolan for precast concrete products as well as formed-and-cast concrete construction like walls, piers and foundations. Used in shotcretes, cementitious grouts, plasters, mortars. Densifier325™ is a must in regions with reactive aggregates that cause ASR and in locations with high-sulfate soils or in applications subject to sulfate and/or chloride attacks. Also effective in high abrasive and freeze-thaw environments. UltraPozz: An ultrafine (3 micron) pozzolan for high-performance precast concrete products, especially glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels and other architectural accent pieces. Also used in ultrafine cementitious grout formulations.
Abrasives: Sand Blast Media Sand Blast Grit: Available in four grades from our standard Sand Blast Heavies to fine. Pumice sand provides a less aggressive, low-etch bite to clean and prepare surfaces of all types, especially softer surfaces and those with cast, carved or sculpted details. Also great for small, detailed parts.
Exfoliant: Exfoliating Powder for Scrubs, Soaps, Creams
Magma™ is a fine pumice powder that pairs with your favorite beauty product, giving you full control over the exfoliating effect—just add less or more depending on skin type and the task at hand.
Horticulture: Soilless Grow Media
Ultra-efficiency soilless grow systems demand high-performance grow media. Ponics Stone™ delivers in the key areas of stability, nutrient holding capacity, gas exchange, drainage, weight, media particle size, crop balance and media life. Ponics Stone™ Standard is an all-purpose soilless grow media for ponics media beds and other high-efficiency growing systems. Size blend of 3/4 to 5/16 inch stones provides good drainage and germination. Ponics Stone™ Premium is screened to 5/16 inch stones. Demonstrates increased germination rates when sown directly in top-dressed media beds and net pots. This is the ideal media for shallow micro-green beds.
Horticulture: Soil Amendment and Conditioner
SoilRox Amender • XF conditions poorly-structured native soils—especially heavy clay soils—opening up pore spaces to greatly improve drainage and aeration (gas exchange) in the root zone. The extensive fines provide widely-dispersed soil conditioning—capturing, holding and time-releasing moisture and nutrients back to the roots. SoilRox Blender • SF The pumice fines in Blender • SF, though not as numerous as in Amender • XF, function to further enhance moisture and nutrient retention on a micro level at a more complete in-soil dispersion rate while the larger stones enhance the aeration profile and faciliate drainage—especially important when growing in containers. SoilRox Enhancer • NF enhances aeration as well as water and nutrient retention properties in soil. Used in specially-crafted soil and grow media blends where elemental tilth and friability is inherent, making the for need for pumice fines to improve the soil structure unnecessary. Though lightweight, SoilRox is somewhat heavier than perlite and vermiculite, providing more substance and anchoring weight for growing top-heavy plants in pots. SoilRox Mulcher • C provides a lightweight, decorative covering mulch that suppresses weed growth while insulating the soil beneath against extreme temperature swings. Works to both hold moisture in the soil and hold the soil in place. SoilRox Mulcher won't blow away like bark-type mulches can. Retains its grey-white color indefinitely. Can be easily removed, washed, and reused.
Livestock and Pets: Dust Bathing Critters
ChillDust™ is a pure and natural bathing dust that provides your chinchillas and degus with both the means to keep that lush fur coat in primo condition and the flipping, spinning, effusive joy that comes with it.
Livestock and Pets: Chew Stones
Chewlas™ are natural pumice stones that provide your Rodentia-order (gnawing) pet with the ideal abrading surface to keep claws and teeth naturally worn down to a healthy length. Chewlas also make great in-cage play toys to push around, and providing a chew stone can save the gnawing wear and tear on other parts of the habitat.
Texturizer: for Primers and Paints and Non-Skid Coatings
Dimension GritBaby Bite is an in-suspension grip agent for giving tooth to primers that prepare gypsum wall board surfaces to take fine interior plasters. Also for paints where a subtle texture is desired while also serving as a functional filler/extender. Dimension GritRough Bite is an in-suspension grip agent for primers that prepare gypsum wall board surfaces to take thicker interior plasters. Also for paints and floor coatings where a roughened, traction-worthy texture is desired. Dimension GritMonster Bite is an in-suspension grip agent for floor and deck coatings.
Attenuator: Explosive Blast Mitigating Material
Blast Mitigator™ is a lightweight, non-reactive, non-crystalline energy-attenuating natural material for a variety of blast mitigation applications.